Guiding Your Child to a Religious Future

Are You Interested In Taking Christian Awareness Courses Online?

by Alan Wright

If you are interested in a career based on Christian studies, maybe you have been thinking about taking Christian awareness courses online. Doing that will mean that you can continue to work in your present job while you meet the requirements for your chosen career path. Read on for some information that might help you to plan your future in Christ-based classes.

Prepare to Be a Social Worker

If your goal is to someday serve your community by being a social worker, you are probably working toward a Bachelor of Science degree. Here are some of the classes you will probably be taking in your Christian awareness online course:

  • You might take a course in alcohol and drug counseling and another course in family counseling. Among other things, you will more than likely learn about different types of mental illnesses and rehabilitation services. 
  • Even though it may not seem like a Christ-based class, you will also benefit from studying criminal justice online. You will learn about laws and how they affect those you will be serving as a social worker.
  • As a social worker, you will also more than likely often be faced with clients who have tremendous problems. For that reason, a course in disaster and emergency management issues will serve you well.
  • An online course on Christian ministry might be the most important online class that you end up taking. You will study how Christ handled tremendously sensitive situations and how you can incorporate that learning into your career.

Prepare for a Ministry in Foreign Countries

Maybe your greatest dream is to serve others in third-world countries. If you want accreditation as a minister, perhaps you will be taking online Christian awareness courses to earn your associate's degree. Among the classes you might take are as follows:

  • Biblical studies will take you to places where Christ and his disciples did their own ministry as you study the New Testament. 
  • At least one class in care ministries will prepare you to do work in very difficult situations. You might study about people like Mother Theresa and Father Damien, the Leper Priest.
  • Courses in global leadership and cultural studies will help you to understand the culture of the people in the countries where you will serve.
  • An online course in Christian ministry will help you to be prepared to serve individuals in your own congregations. 

Maybe you aren't interested in a career at all, but you want to develop your own spiritual growth in order to serve your family and friends. Classes in psychology, Biblical studies, counseling, and Christian ministry will be among the online classes that will help you to achieve your goal. Find the next course of study for you by contacting a RHEMA school.