Guiding Your Child to a Religious Future

  • 2 Technologies Every High School Should Use To Improve Security

    20 October 2022

    There's a lot that goes into keeping a high school safe. From security guards to metal detectors, schools have to be vigilant about keeping their students and staff out of harm's way. But what about the security of the building itself? Are your school's security measures up to par? There are a handful of security and safety technologies that can help keep your school safe. Here are two that every high school should be using.

  • Why Private Religious High Schools Are A Wise Idea

    14 March 2022

    When the time comes for your child to enter high school, you have a tough decision to make. Do you send them to the local public high school? Or, do you opt for a private school? While every parent/guardian and child have to make this choice for themselves, good private high schools certainly have a lot going for them. In particular, religious private high schools like First Presbyterian Academy Inc can be an excellent option.

  • What To Know About Private School Enrollment

    11 August 2021

    Most recently, there were 5.7 million young students in attendance at private elementary and high schools. These schools are popular for several reasons, and there are plenty of parents hoping to send their child on the right path through enrolling in one. In this article, you will learn more about private school, why it's so beneficial, and how you can enroll your child in the best private school for them. 

  • 4 Ways Catholic High Schools Help Teenagers Grow

    18 March 2021

    Parochial schools can equip kids with the tools they need to thrive in the world. These schools focus on a child's intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Catholic high schools can help teenagers grow into strong, smart young men and women in the following ways. 1. Mandatory Uniforms It's common for Catholic high schools to have dress codes that require students to wear uniforms. Many teens aren't thrilled by the idea of uniforms, but mandatory uniforms can greatly enhance teens' educational experiences.

  • 4 Things That A Christian School Can Do For Children

    27 December 2020

    A child's education serves as a foundation. The things a child learns in primary, middle, and high school will inform their worldview for a lifetime. It's important to choose a school that will serve your child well. Many Christian parents choose to send their children to private Christian schools. Here are four things that a Christian school can do for children: 1. Provide a top-notch education. A Christian school can give your child a wonderful education.

  • Are You Interested In Taking Christian Awareness Courses Online?

    10 August 2020

    If you are interested in a career based on Christian studies, maybe you have been thinking about taking Christian awareness courses online. Doing that will mean that you can continue to work in your present job while you meet the requirements for your chosen career path. Read on for some information that might help you to plan your future in Christ-based classes. Prepare to Be a Social Worker If your goal is to someday serve your community by being a social worker, you are probably working toward a Bachelor of Science degree.

  • Two Great Reasons To Send Your Child To A Christian Preschool

    3 March 2020

    Sending your growing toddler to preschool can be a wonderful experience for them. Preschool not only introduces children to the fundamental concepts that they will build upon as they matriculate through the school system, but it also helps to sharpen their social skills and become more emotionally aware of the needs of others. These are fantastic lessons, and it's never to early to start learning them. Choosing the right preschool is the key, and if you want your child to be in an environment that closely aligns with your worldview, going to a Christian preschool is a great decision.