Guiding Your Child to a Religious Future

4 Things That A Christian School Can Do For Children

by Alan Wright

A child's education serves as a foundation. The things a child learns in primary, middle, and high school will inform their worldview for a lifetime. It's important to choose a school that will serve your child well. Many Christian parents choose to send their children to private Christian schools. Here are four things that a Christian school can do for children:

1. Provide a top-notch education.

A Christian school can give your child a wonderful education. The curriculum in a Christian school is designed to help your child learn key subjects that will serve them well in life, such as math, science, English, and social studies. Private schools have the freedom to design their own academic curriculum. Many private schools use curricula that are more rigorous than those found in public schools. When you send your child to a Christian school, you can be assured that they will receive an excellent education.

2. Teach kids about Christianity and the Bible.

Public schools are state-run institutions that must observe the separation between church and state. For this reason, public schools are not allowed to officially teach or promote any religion, including Christianity. This can pose a problem for Christian families who want their kids to be instructed in the ways of Christ. Christian schools can teach students about Christianity. Bible study classes will give students a solid base of Biblical knowledge upon which to build their lives.

3. Help kids find their purpose.

Many students have difficult questions about the world and their place in it, especially as they enter their teenage years. Teenagers may feel adrift in the world as they struggle to find their purpose. Christian schools can help kids discern the answers to their philosophical questions. Christianity is a good basis on which to build a worldview. Students will be taught about their duty to God and others, which can help them find meaning in life. Kids with a sense of purpose can feel free to reach their full potential for the glory of the Lord.

4. Set kids up for a lifetime of success.

After high school, many families decide to send their children to college. A college degree can help people secure good jobs in their chosen field. In order to get into a good university, kids must excel in high school. By sending your child to a Christian school, you can give them the foundational education they need to score well on their SATs and get into an excellent college.