Guiding Your Child to a Religious Future

4 Ways Catholic High Schools Help Teenagers Grow

by Alan Wright

Parochial schools can equip kids with the tools they need to thrive in the world. These schools focus on a child's intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Catholic high schools can help teenagers grow into strong, smart young men and women in the following ways.

1. Mandatory Uniforms

It's common for Catholic high schools to have dress codes that require students to wear uniforms. Many teens aren't thrilled by the idea of uniforms, but mandatory uniforms can greatly enhance teens' educational experiences. Uniforms ensure that a preoccupation with clothing won't become a distraction. Uniforms also ensure that all students have the opportunity to meet their peers on equal ground; no student will be judged on the basis of their socioeconomic standing because of the clothes they wear. Mandatory uniforms can protect students' modesty and encourage good grooming habits.

2. Religious Education

Catholic high schools have the opportunity to provide religious education to teenagers due to their status as private schools. Christian parents can be assured that their children will learn the basics of the Bible and Catholic tenets at a Catholic high school. Many young people stop attending church when they reach college unless they have a strong religious foundation. Ongoing Christian teachings will instill good priorities in your child, which can help them keep their faith throughout their lives. Students will have the opportunity to attend chapel services where they can worship as a collective student body.

3. Preparation For College

Some students choose to head directly into the workforce after graduating from high school, but many more decide to continue their education in college. Catholic high schools will encourage students to enroll in college by preparing them for the challenges they will encounter there. Kids who attend Catholic high schools will be given rigorous lessons in all the major subjects. They will become well-rounded scholars capable of doing good research and engaging in critical thinking. At a Catholic high school, your child will encounter teachers that will shape their minds and spark a love of learning that can last throughout their lives.

4. Rules And Boundaries

Catholic high schools strive to create an environment that is conducive to good moral habits. Most Catholic schools have zero-tolerance policies for serious infractions like drug use, violence, and sexual activity. These rules are clearly outlined in the student handbook and strictly enforced, which can help burgeoning young adolescents stay on the right path. Teenagers are nearly adults, but while they're growing, they need rules and boundaries that can help them make good choices. A Catholic high school can provide those boundaries to keep teens from making life-altering mistakes.

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